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What We Do

We’re passionate digital professionals and we help you build brand power online.

At SophiaThink, we provide you with smart business intelligence and expert strategic advice so you can get the most from your online activities. We’ll help you identify and implement the right digital moves that get you and your organization maximum ROI from the web. From high-level planning to tactical implementation, our expert team is ready to help.

About Us

Launched in 2009, SophiaThink is dedicated to helping you power up your digital plans.

Deciding the best ways to generate leads, build business, create visibility, engage your audience and gain attention for your brand is tough because the internet is crowded and noisy these days.

Our digital strategy consulting team will guide you and your team through strategic digital planning, developing smart web market plays, building profitable E-Commerce business models, igniting customer engagement and driving key executive decision-making.

At SophiaThink, our digital strategy consulting team will help you strategically focus your efforts in the right ways and in the right places so you achieve sustainable, quantifiable business results for your organization.

Speaking, Workshops & Executive Briefings

You and your team can hear the most up-to-date facts about the latest digital business intelligence, in-depth digital trends and innovative best practices.

Each facilitation, presentation, workshop, webinar or executive briefing is tailored to meet your unique needs. Consider booking us to facilitate your next strategic planning session or speak at your next executive retreat, conference, webinar or corporate event.

Typical topics include:

Identifying your audience:

Identifying your audience:

Internet users are highly segmented and very channel specific. Careful consideration early on will save you time and money every time. We’ll give you actionable steps you and your team can take to drive results.


Choosing the right channels:

Choosing the right channels:

There is lots of pressure for businesses to engage online. Digital activity without a well-considered strategic plan is costly and unproductive. Learn the steps you can take to get the most out of your digital activities.


Building a profit-focused digital plan:

Building a profit-focused digital plan:

Digital media offers amazing opportunities but can be costly waste time when executed without a plan. It’s a complicated environment that changes all the time. We’ll give you a rational, practical approach to driving business results.

Creating lasting engagement:

Creating lasting engagement:

The “sharing economy” has presented unique opportunities to create engaged dialogue with your customer. But attracting someone’s attention and igniting them as brand advocates takes a focused planning. We’ll provide best practices for engaging communities for action.

The importance of analytics:

The importance of analytics:

Technology use has created unheard of opportunities for data analysis. Knowing what’s important and what is not is a tricky business. We’ll give you concrete steps you can take to turn data into a powerful decision-making tool.

The myth and allure of big data:

The myth and allure of big data:

Today businesses are drowning in data and “big data” has captured our attention. It’s the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But not all data is as valuable as we think. We’ll guide you through an assessment process so you can evaluate the value and accessibility of your data.

Looking for a Speaker for your Event?

We love a crowd and we’re passionate about our work. We’ll partner with you to customize around your event theme and the needs of your audience. We engage, challenge and provide practical information that inspires, gets people thinking and leaves them with actionable steps they can implement immediately.

Here’s a small sample of hot topics today:

Are you talking to me?

Are you talking to me?

Online users talk about everything these days. The internet has become a candid, speak-your-mind platform that runs 24×7. Come hear best practices for utilizing the web as a dynamic focus-group and business intel source.

Gaining influence, it’s harder than you think.

Gaining influence, it’s harder than you think.

In a world where hitting the “like” button rules and slacktivism, it’s easy to forget you can’t take likes to the bank. This lively talk discusses the pitfalls of today’s selfie environment and gets you focused on generating tangible results.

Amplify and accelerate.

Amplify and accelerate.

The internet is all about reach. Understanding how messages travel on the web and what makes things shareable is a key component to gaining visibility online. We’ll reveal the steps you can take to activate and ignite your consumer, turning them into brand advocates for life.

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